The WynnPharm Blog Launch

The WynnPharm Blog Launch

Posted by Matthew Smokowski on 12th Dec 2014

Who is WynnPharm?

WynnPharm Inc. is a company based in Freehold NJ. We provide a variety dietary supplements to consumers and actively play a role in the supplement community. WynnPharm is always focused on finding and creating supplements with evidence to back up their claims.

What will You Find Here?

Our blog is committed to finding new research on dietary supplements and providing it in a more simplistic manner. You'll also see WynnPharm actively involved in medical conferences and trade shows. In addition, you'll be updated on changes to our website and provided new product information as it becomes available.

What Kind of Supplements Does WynnPharm Carry?

Currently, we carry Dona™ Glucosamine Sulfate, Estromineral™, Saugella™, and Vitamin D3. WynnPharm is always expanding into new products for our customers. However, we are only interested in products with proven research to back their claims. No smoke or mirrors allowed. 

Why Start a Blog?

We are becoming more committed to interacting with our followers and customers. A lot of people have questions about our products or dietary supplements in general. We don't often get to speak directly to them. Consider this blog an open forum for questions as well as a place for us to introduce new relevant data and studies. 

What Now?

Come back to often to check for updates to our blog. The best way to keep in touch is to follow us on social media, Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter. 

So ends our launch post, we hope to see you back here soon when we release our first feature length article on the history of Dona™ Glucosamine Sulfate. 

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