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PreDia®, a new and revolutionary dietary supplement for people who have prediabetes & metabolic syndrome. Often diet and exercise is needed to combat these conditions. Now, PreDia® is also there to help when you need it most. Powered by GSECM-50™ a source of the scientifically proven dosage of abscisic acid (ABA) made of Grape seed extract, chromium and magnesium. PreDia® has been shown to improve the typical markers associated with both prediabetes and metabolic syndrome when combined with an healthy lifestyle.

PreDia® is available in a one month 30 count blister pack, where you take 1 caplet per day, making it a convenient once-a-day dosage.



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To help with healthy Blood sugar readings!

- Anonymous 5

It Seem to Really Work!

Using product to stabilize pre-diabete BS levels and have been seeing positive results, have tried many other brands/products and this seem to be the most effective product I have tried. Recommend this product.

- Anonymous 5

Managing blood sugar

It seems to be working!

- hawkins 5