THYMUSKIN® Classic - 3 Unit Bundle - Shampoo 200ml

THYMUSKIN® Classic - 3 Unit Bundle - Shampoo 200ml

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The THYMUSKIN® CLASSIC line is especially used for universal (all types and all stages) of Thinning hair problems and for the Nourishing, Reinforcement, and Strengthening of Hair. It also strengthens the immune defense and rejuvenates the hair follicle while also providing your hair with necessary hair caring ingredients.

This Bundle contains 3 CLASSIC Shampoo 200 ml.

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Very effective

I was introduced to the product by a naturopath about 20 years ago for alopecia areata. Over the years I would get a patch during times of stress. Since the pandemic, I've been using this shampoo proactively and have kept all my hair. I highly recommend it.

- Taryn 5