Before, during and after menopause, Estromineral is the natural alternative to hormone replacement pills and the weight gain they can cause.

  • What is Estromineral?

Estromineral is a dietary supplement for women like you, during and after menopause. It provides the phytoestrogens found in soy isoflavones to replace the estrogens naturally lost during menopause. One caplet daily can restore your delicate hormonal balance. Estromineral also contains vitamins and minerals vital to maintaining healthy bones and circulation. One caplet daily can restore your hormonal balance to give you immediate relief from a whole range of menopausal symptoms.


  • Is Estromineral safe?

Estromineral contains only natural ingredients and has been shown in clinical trials to be easily digested and well-tolerated by the body, without unpleasant side-effects. Currently, this product has a patent pending.


  • Is Estromineral right for me?

Any woman who is experiencing pre-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal symptoms can enjoy Estromineral’s benefits. This new dietary supplement is a natural alternative to hormone pills and hormone replacement therapy. You can enjoy a reduction in menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and bone loss without the health risks of hormone pills.


  • Why should I choose Estromineral over other supplements on the market for menopausal relief?

Estromineral is unique among products available for menopausal women in its combination of ingredients. The estrogen-like effects of natural soy isoflavones can only be experienced if these substances are successfully absorbed by the body and not destroyed during the digestive process. Estromineral contains Lactobacillus to facilitate this absorption process, making its active soy isoflavones abundantly available in the body. Other products on the market do not have this critical combination of ingredients.


  • Why is the important ingredient of Lactobacillus useful in low carbohydrate diets?

Lactobacillus plays an even more significant role in its ability to increase absorption levels for those on low carbohydrate diets because of the unbalance in the intestinal flora that results from taking in less carbs. The intestinal flora, or microorganisms of the intestine, which are necessary for digestion and the creation of nutrients, becomes unbalanced and less effective when fewer carbohydrates are taken in as part of one's diet. The intestinal flora that colonizes our intestines produces the glycosidases required for the hydrolytic process that is necessary for the absorption of soy isoflavones. This glycosidase activity varies and is compromised in individuals on certain diets that are not rich in carbohydrates or when certain antibiotics or other drugs are taken. Notable amounts of the equol metabolite are not developed or biotransformed from the isoflavone daidzein in a low carbohydrate diet. The Lactobacillus in Estromineral maximizes the biotransformation of daidzein into the metabolite equol, which has estrogenic activity that is 5 times greater than that of daidzein and allows for the increased integration of the intestinal flora. The adequate production of equol with Lactobacillus permits a better absorption of the soy isoflavones and enhances the overall absorption of all the continued nutrients in Estromineral.


  • Where can I find Estromineral?

Estromineral is available without a prescription in your local pharmacy. It is not a drug; it is a daily dietary supplement, which can be found in the same section as vitamin and mineral preparations.


  • How much should I take?

Just one caplet daily will supply calcium and vitamin D3, as well as the principal active ingredient, soy isoflavones.