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InvigoFlex® CS

No Glucosamine, no problem. Maximum Strength Chondroitin Sulfate has your joints covered

InvigoFlex® CS is specially formulated to provide you with a maximum strength Chondroitin Sulfate to support joint function and cartilage and promote good health of body joints. Along with a highly-studied Curcumin supplement, our proprietary blend in InvigoFlex® CS (CIB145™) offers you a unique formulation to support you when you need it most. Get back to what you love doing and keep your life active!Max Purity, Made in the USA, GMO Free, Gluten Free

  • Maximum Strength Chondroitin Sulfate*
  • Clinically Proven Chondroitin Sulfate*
  • Includes Curcumin (Turmeric) for Healthy Inflammation Support*
  • Supports Joint Function and Cartilage*
  • Promotes Good Health of Body Joints*
  • Physician Recommended. Available without a prescription*