InvigoFlex Line

We all have heard of glucosamine or chondroitin. We also all know someone who have at least tried a joint supplement that contained these ingredients. But, why is it that some products work better than others? Aren't the ingredients all the same?

The truth is, ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin have different quality levels and stabilization techniques and dosages that help shape the final product's overall effectiveness. According to the Arthritis Foundation, dosing and overall ingredient content can vary a lot between brands, causing some to work more efficiently than others.


Even Doctors and healthcare providers have a hard time figuring out which joint brand to recommend to their patients. The truth is, the joint market is saturated with too many supplements that contain different types of ingredients, dosages, quality levels, price points, pill sizes, and serving sizes, all promising to fix your joints. It’s enough to make some people just pick any product that is the cheapest and hope for the best. However, it is very important to understand that not all joint supplements are the same. Picking the right brand and a company matters.

Why Doctors Recommend InvigoFlex

InvigoFlex® line of joint products was created to help fix this problem. Developed using the latest studies and ingredients proven to be effective in supporting overall joint health, our line includes some of the most proven ways to manage and support your joint needs. Whether you are looking for support for your knee joints, have particular discomfort with the joints in your hands, or if you are just looking for a shellfish free or sodium free joint product, WynnPharm has you covered. Featuring high quality joint health ingredients is a standard associated with the WynnPharm brand for more than 20 years.