Joint Health Category

WynnPharm's Joint Health Category is where it all began over 18 years ago. Originally created to distribute the DONA® brand, WynnPharm introduced a new joint category to encompass new studies, newer ingredients, and changing consumer demands. 

Two brands makeup the category, DONA® and InvigoFlex®. Together, both brands create a complete line of joint related products offering customers and doctors more options tailored to meet individual needs with the same expected quality and results. 

walkingMore Options, Same Quality.

As consumer wants and needs change, so too has our Joint line. We expanded to include a full suite of products all designed to offer options – while never sacrificing on quality. Developed using the latest studies and ingredients proven to be effective in supporting overall joint health, our line includes some of the most proven ways to manage and support your joint needs. Whether you are looking for support for your knee joints or if you are just looking for a shellfish free or sodium free joint product, WynnPharm has you covered.*

Why Doctors Recommend our Joint Products

With so many joint products on the market today, it’s hard to know what product works best. Even doctors at times get overwhelmed by all the options. This is where focusing on the facts matters most, which is why thousands of doctors turn to WynnPharm products for their patients. Many joint supplements do not offer the right ingredients, the preferred version used in publications, or even the correct dosages recommended by doctors. All these factors can contribute to products that may not work as effectively. This is why we focus our line on ingredients and methods shown to be more effective in supporting overall Joint health. From the original glucosamine sulfate brand shown effective in two 3-year controlled clinical studies, to a unique day and night supplement that combine both glucosamine and chondroitin in an all new way, WynnPharm offers quality joint products to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.*