Joint Health Supplements

Most of us get to the point where we simply can no longer ignore our joint discomfort. Kept from the activities we love – like riding a bike, taking a walk, climbing stairs, running, working in the garden, or picking up everyday items, our health and mood starts to decline when our joints don’t feel at best.

Get back to what you love doing

Our joint supplement products are specifically geared to provide you the necessary support when you need it most. We offer an array of options that help maintain and stabilize the cartilage in the joints while supporting normal joint function. Keep those joints moving and get back to what you love doing.*

walkingMore Options, Same Quality.

As the joint category grows, so does the need to offer different joint health products. There are now many different quality ingredients used in the industry today to promote joint health, however, it is often difficult to find the right ingredients and the right amounts necessary to work. We made it a point to offer not only options to satisfy all of our customer needs, but also adhering to the same quality standard we set for ourselves over 17 years ago.*

Different, Unique and one of a kind.

Each of our joints products are very unique and different than what is currently offered by others in the market today. Whether its InvigoFlex GS with its shellfish free and vegetarian safe glucosamine sulfate, or InvigoFlex AM PM with its patent pending delivery schedule geared to provide you with 24-hour joint support, ours products offer you something that others can’t. To learn more, check out our products page and see what makes our joint supplements unique.*

Brand Comparison
InvigoFlex GS
InvigoFlex D
InvigoFlex CS
InvigoFlex AM PM