InvigoFlex GS - Glucosamine Sulfate + Boswellia Serrata

InvigoFlex GS - Glucosamine Sulfate + Boswellia Serrata

Per Unit

InvigoFlex® GS is available in a one month 60 count bottle, where you take 2 caplets at the same time (per day) making it a convienent once-a-day dosage.

InvigoFlex® GS (Glucosamine Sulfate) is a new vegetarian joint supplement with Boswellia Serrata. With its non GMO, gluten free, low sodium formulation, rest assured you are taking a glucosamine for joints geared to support joint function and cartilage, promote good health of body joints, and reduce pain from overexertion and exercise. Keep your joints moving and get you back to what you love doing.



Must purchase first 5 boxes at regular price of $29.95 per unit. Cannot be combined with any other specials.

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My Dr. suggested InvigoFlex GS

I started taking GS because my Dr. suggested it. I run a lot! My knees would always hurt. So my doctor recommended I start taking glucosamine. Originally he recommended DONA and I really noticed a difference, but DONA is so expensive. My doctor recommended InvigoFlex GS then. I did about 6 months and I felt great. I then didn’t take it for a bit and my knees really started hurting, so I definitely noticed a difference. I am back to taking InvigoFlex GS

- Karen Beadle 5

No more aches

I do feel better while taking InvigoFlex GS. My joints feel more flexible and my joints don’t ache as much as they use too

- Elaine Sprague 5

Been on it for 6 months

Have been on DONA for years and have tried InvigoFlex GS for 6 months and it works just as good!

- Janis Hodge 5

Supplement Facts

InvigoFlex GS Supplement Facts

Directions for Use


Take two (2) caplets together with water, preferably with food.


It may take 1-2 weeks, or possibly longer, to notice any effect. Optimal effects can be seen after 12 weeks of daily administration. Results may vary.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

As with any nutritional product, please consult your physician before taking. It you are pregnant or breastfeeding ask you Doctor before taking. Use only as directed.

InvigoFlex GS - (GFL160™) is a WynnPharm Inc. proprietary formula.

InvigoFlex GS is Vegetarian safe, Shell-Fish free, Gluten Free, and GMO Free.