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DONA® is the original Crystalline Glucosamine Sulfate that has been thoroughly studied in 2 separate 3-year studies to promote healthy cartilage. DONA® allowing you to return to the activities you love, such as walking, climbing stairs, swimming, running, and even the simple joy of picking up your grandchild!

DONA® is available in a convenient, one-a-day dosage in 60 ct. bottles. DONA® is no longer available in powder. If you are looking for a powdered version, please click here.

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Vivo emnJalisco México necesito capsulas donde puedo comprar

Buen día donde puedo comprar

- Marcela Bortoni 5


Keeps me from crying when I walk up stairs. True story, and I live on the 2nd floor. My doctor recommended Dona because they actually put in as much glucosamine as they say they do. A lot of brands don't, I've tried a few others and they were worthless. If it wasn't for Dona I wouldn't have been able to move in with my husband because of the stairs.

- Cathy, Verified DONA Customer 5

First time I have seen a difference using glucsominer!!

I have just finished my first box of DONA and I can really FEEL the difference. I have osteoarthritis and I have had injections, pills, and there was no change in my condition! Since I have been taking DONA, I have much more mobility and less stiffness after only two weeks. So, I am sold on it, so far. I am very optimistic about using my second box. I really have faith in this product! Everyone should try it! I think you will be amazed as I was. And this is only the start!

- Linda, Verified DONA Customer 4