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Saugella Feminine Wash

Maintain a Natural Freshness with Saugella Gentle Feminine Wash

Formulated with sage extract and milk serum, Saugella™ feminine wash is the perfect product to maintain a healthy pH balance and the natural environment of your vaginal ecosystem. Saugella™ is clinically-proven to restore the physiological acidity of the skin's surface and mucous membranes to ensure you maintain a healthy pH balance, keeping you fresh and secure.

Benefits of Saugella's gentle cleansing feminine wash formula:

  • Maintain/ Restore Your Natural Vaginal Ecosystem*
  • Maintain a Healthy 3.5 pH*
  • Made from Natural Extracts*
  • Protects Skin's Natural Defenses Against Minor Infections*
  • Restores & Maintains Freshness*
  • Clinically Proven for Safety & Effectiveness*
  • Safe for Daily Use*

Why Saugella Works

saugella userFor the past 30 years, Saugella Research Laboratories has been studying plant extracts, applying their specific properties to improve women's wellbeing. Each of the plant extracts contained in Saugella™ works to reduce unpleasant, often embarrassing symptoms by acting to maintain the natural vaginal ecosystem and pH balance. Chief among these ingredients is sage extract. The name Saugella actually comes from the word sauge, which is French for sage. Sage extract has been clinically tested and proven to be effective in protecting the natural defenses of the vaginal environment. To ensure product quality and reliability, Saugella™ products are manufactured following a pharmaceutical standard with strict quality controls.

Saugella™ is manufactured following a pharmaceutical standard with strict quality controls. Many clinical studies have been performed on Saugella™, proving its efficacy and safety.

Scientifically Proven Effectiveness

Saugella's effectiveness was proven clinically in the Sophy Study (Study on pH and Hygiene), where nearly 3,000 women used the product twice a day for 4 weeks. This landmark study is the first systematic study on the correlation between vaginal pH and intimate hygiene in the different ages of women. The results of the study confirm that Saugella™ effectively protects against vaginal infections and inflammation.

In particular, Saugella's main ingredient, sage extract, has been proven to be effective in protecting the vaginal environments natural defenses and pH balance, even in the case of frequent cleansing.

Directions for Use

Shake well before use. Dilute with water and rinse carefully.


Water, TEA Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, PEG - 2 Stearate, Lactose milk protein, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Lactic Acid, Sage extract, Glycol Sterate, Sodium Methylparaben, Ketoglutaric Acid, Cholesterol, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance.

SIt is a non-irritating formulation that ensures an extremely gentle cleansing and a long lasting hydration. These surfactants stimulate the renewal of epidermal keratinocytes and restructure the damaged skin, restoring the skin lipid layer that is removed during washing or altered by pathological processes in general.

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