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Skin Care is very important in our goal of living and maintaining healthy lives. More than 85 million people in the U.S are affected by a form of skin disease. The emotional effects that skin disease cause include, loss of self-esteem and depression, and often directly impact the quality of life of sufferers. According to a May 2002 study by the National Psoriasis Foundation, one third of people with moderate to severe cases of the disease say it is a very large problem in their lives. Among those with moderate to severe cases, 75 percent said it had a moderate to large impact on their everyday lives. More than a quarter of respondents said the disease altered their daily activity and 21 percent said they stopped normal daily activities because of their psoriasis; 36 percent said it affected their sleep and the same percentage said they bath more than normal, the study reports.

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At WynnPharm, we take pride in offering our customers quality products that help address many different conditions. Our goal is simple; we want to provide the very best products possible, whether this means offering our own branded products or providing other products from different companies. We want to offer a collection of products that are high quality and shown to work. Our partnership with DermaZinc allows us to expand into the skin care category with a special focus on chronic skin conditions. For years, DermaZinc has help thousands of people across the country address their chronic skin conditions. Now WynnPharm customers can enjoy as well.