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The THYMUSKIN® FORTE line is used for VERY strong Thinning hair problems and is especially developed for damaged, exhausted hair and scalp conditions. THYMUSKIN® FORTE is very beneficial for intensive needs, especially for hair care during chemotherapy. With THYMUSKIN® FORTE, you receive +100% more of the active and patented ingredient GKL-02 and extra high levels of premium hair care ingredients which strengthens the immune defense and rejuvenates the hair follicle.

This Bundle contains a FORTE Shampoo 200 ml and a FORTE Serum 200 ml.

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Thymuskin Forte

I didn't think I was vain until my forehead kept getting larger. Ten years ago I started using just the shampoo but didn't notice a significant change in the rate of hair loss, however, with both the shampoo and serum I noticed that my hairline retreated more slowly. I also noticed that the hair on the top of my head was very short and definitely thinned but didn't get much worse over several years. I didn't measure anything scientifically, but I did notice a reduced hair loss.

- Barry Riehle 4