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SAVE YOUR HAIR with THYMUSKIN® 2-STEP system and get back to your true self.

The THYMUSKIN® FORTE line is used against VERY STRONG Thinning Hair Problems and for the Nourishing, Reinforcement, and Strengthening of Hair. It contains a Shampoo to use while showering and Serum gel for your scalp. If you are experiencing strong thinning hair, THYMUSKIN® FORTE can help.

Effective & Safe
  • Contains +100% more of GKL-02 active complex for Very Strong thinning hair problems.
  • For intensive treatment due to damaged & exhausted hair and scalp conditions.
  • Strengthens immune defense & rejuvenates the hair follicle
  • EXTRA premium hair caring properties and ingredients
  • For both Men and Women
  • Clinically Proven with No side effects
  • Silicon Free, Paraben Free, and Bovine Free
  • FORTE Shampoo and Serum available for 2-step system
  • Available in 100ml size (50 days of application) or 200 ml size (100 days of application).