THYMUSKIN® GKL Hair & Vitamin Capsules

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SAVE YOUR HAIR with the necessary Vitamins and Minerals

THYMUSKIN® GKL-Vital-Capsules helps provide your hair with the necessary balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to have healthy hair. Works well with the rest of THYMUSKIN® full line of hair care products.

  • Promotes Strong and Resistant Hair
  • Fortifying Treatment for Skin, Hair and Fingernails
  • Patented and unique balance of key nutrients
  • Includes Vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Essential Amino Acids
  • Recommended for Optimal Hair Care

As a dietary supplement, the THYMUSKIN®GKL Hair & Vitamin Capsules contain the active biological coenzyme Q10 with the unique patent-protected combination of active substances consisting of amino acids, vitamins, high quality linseed oil with Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids and Q10. The Q10 improves the oxygen supply and the metabolism in all human cells. This dietary supplement is suitable for balancing out symptoms of deficiencies. The nutrients ensure vitality, health hair, attractive skin and strong nails.

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