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SAVE YOUR HAIR with THYMUSKIN® 2-STEP system and get back to your true self.

The THYMUSKIN® MED line is used against STRONG Thinning Hair Problems and for the Nourishing, Reinforcement, and Strengthening of Hair. It contains a Shampoo to use while showering and Serum gel for your scalp. If you are experiencing strong thinning hair, THYMUSKIN® MED can help.

Effective & Safe
  • Contains +25% more of GKL-02 active complex for Strong thinning hair problems.
  • For sensitive hair and scalp conditions where balding is already present.
  • Strengthens immune defense & rejuvenates the hair follicle.
  • Infuses Vital Nutrients into Hair and Scalp.
  • For both Men and Women.
  • Clinically Proven with No side effects
  • Silicon Free, Paraben Free, and Bovine Free.
  • Med Shampoo and Serum available for 2-STEP system.
  • Available in 100ml size (50 days of application) or 200 ml size (100 days of application).

When to choose THYMUSKIN® MED  

The THYMUSKIN® MED line is used for strong Thinning hair problems and is especially developed for sensitive, defused, dry and/or long hair; with a special emphasis on sensitive scalp conditions when balding is already visible. THYMUSKIN® MED contains +25% more of the active and patented ingredient GKL-02.  It also strengthens the immune defense and rejuvenates the hair follicle while also providing your hair with necessary hair caring ingredients.



The THYMUSKIN® MED Shampoo is the first part of the THYMUSKIN® 2-STEP System. THYMUSKIN® MED Shampoo is used for application to the hair. It is specifically used for sensitive, dry or long hair. THYMUSKIN® Med Shampoo contains +25% higher dosage of the active ingredient complex GKL-02. The Shampoo is an important first step in managing your strong thinning hair. It cleans and cares for the open pores and gently scrubs the scalp from small dirt particles all the while beginning to supply it with the active GKL-02 ingredient. By using the shampoo first, it prepares the scalp for treatment with the THYMUSKIN® Serum gel. It is important that THYMUSKIN® Shampoo’s be used first before applying the Serum gel as it is designed to work with one another.



The THYMUSKIN® MED Serum Gel is the second part of the THYMUSKIN® 2-STEP System. It is used for application to the Scalp. The MED Serum is especially used to counteract strong Thinning Hair and to care for problematic scalp. It contains a +25% higher dosage of the active complex GKL-02 and has additional conditioning ingredients for sensitive, dry scalp. It is used where balding is already present. THYMUSKIN® MED Serum Gel is an important part in managing your thinning hair as it delivers the active ingredients directly to the scalp. Since the THYMUSKIN® Shampoo has already cleaned the hair, scalp, and pores, the THYMUSKIN® Serum Gel is applied directly onto your scalp allowing the active ingredients to reach the root of the hair follicles which helps with the activation and stimulation process.

The success of THYMUSKIN® against hair problems in both men and women is based on the biological activity of the GKL-02 complex, a bovine-free mimicry of the natural thymic peptide total extract. It boosts and activates the immune defense in hair and skin cells. THYMUSKIN® increases the vitality and can reduce, and even stop the dying off process of follicle cells. It improves the cell supply of the hair root (follicle) during the growth phase (anagen phase). The hair follicle which remain intact are activated again, and the growth phase is considerably prolonged. THYMUSKIN® can help with Thinning hair and can nourish, reinforce, and strengthen the hair.

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Which Thymuskin Shampoo and Serum Combo is Right for You?

Customize your own THYMUSKIN® 2-Step System with our easy-to-use tool.


How to Apply THYMUSKIN® 2-STEP System

Using THYMUSKIN® is very easy. Please following the directions below for optimal results.

STEP#1: Wash your hair with THYMUSKIN® Shampoo

Using Shampoo
  1. Choose the correct THYMUSKIN® Shampoo that meets your specific hair type.
  2. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.
  3. Massage the THYMUSKIN® shampoo gently into your hair and scalp for about a minute.
  4. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water to wash out the Shampoo.
  5. Dry your hair, preferably with a towel. If using a dryer, do not point directly to scalp.

STEP#2: Apply the THYMUSKIN® Serum directly to the scalp

Using Serum
  1. Choose the correct THYMUSKIN® Serum that meets your specific thinning hair condition.
  2. Place the applicator tip directly on the scalp to apply the THYMUSKIN® Serum in drops to the scalp.
  3. Massage the Serum with your fingertips in circling motions into the scalp until it seems dry.
  4. Proceed this way for about 4-6 parted hair lines for the total scalp. It is a leave-in product, do not rinse out.
  5. Finally style your hair as you normally do. You can also use styling products if needed. There is no need to dry your hair or scalp after application.
  6. The THYMUSKIN® Serum can be applied to the scalp, both in the case of still damp, as well as already dried hair - on the days when the hair was not washed.

All THYMUSKIN® preparations are concentrated, use it sparingly. We recommend: Use less but frequently. For optimal results, take both THYMUSKIN® Shampoo and Serum Gel every day for at least 3 months.

Read THYMUSKIN FAQsPlease note when beginning the hair loss therapy with THYMUSKIN®, the activation of the hair follicles may cause increasing hair loss since new follicles are pushing out inactive hair. This temporary situation is no reason for concern but rather proof that the THYMUSKIN® system is working. If this is a concern and you want to avoid or limit this, please following steps:

  • First Week: Only shampoo usage, at least 3x times and leave it in for 5 minutes.
  • Second Week: Use shampoo first and serum afterward, 2x times a week.
  • Third Week: Use shampoo first and serum afterward, 3x times a week.
  • Fourth Week: Use shampoo following your normal routine and use serum every day.

When you want to stop THYMUSKIN® usage (for example 6 months later) do this process the other way around.

Available in convenient 100 ml size or 200 ml size

various sizes

Real Customer Testimonials

I'm not balding but decided to use your Med shampoo and my hair feels a lot stronger and thicker... definitely recommend. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation and advice. Both GP and dermatologist did not advise as well as you did...

- Ian G.

Now, after a total of 18 months of application Thymuskin products I want to give a current status again today. I am still very happy with the results. In the last couple of month it has indeed not changed very much compared to my last mail. But compared to the status of 18 months ago, significant improvements can be seen. I shave my head not any longer on a daily basis but only every 3 days. I was even asked by friends if my hair has grown back. On the top of the head and on the sides of the hair grow almost back to "normal" density. ...

- Stefan C.

A few months ago I noticed that I unfortunately began to lose more hair! It was increasing – and I have to tell you that I could not imagine how awful hair loss can be! It got so bad that sometimes the scalp was visible! Now I have used about 1/2 bottle of the highly efficient Thymuskin Med shampoo and during my last visit at the hairdresser, she told me that many new short, so-called support hairs are visible on my head. I have noticed how much hair I lose when washing and I have to admit that there were very, very, few now. It is nothing compared to what I had in my hands a few weeks ago – and also I notice significant differences in my hair style quality!

- Natalie T-I.


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