THYMUSKIN® Med Shampoo

THYMUSKIN® Med Shampoo

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THYMUSKIN® MED Shampoo is Step 1 in the THYMUSKIN® MED 2-Step system. Prices start from $47.95 and up depending on what size you select. Choose your size below.

The THYMUSKIN® MED line is used for strong Thinning hair problems and is especially developed for sensitive, defused, dry and/or long hair; with a special emphasis on sensitive scalp conditions when balding is already visible. THYMUSKIN® MED contains +25% more of the active and patented ingredient GKL-02. It also strengthens the immune defense and rejuvenates the hair follicle while also providing your hair with necessary hair caring ingredients.

THYMUSKIN® MED Shampoo is an important first step in managing your thinning hair as it cleans and cares for the open pores and gently scrubs the scalp from small dirt particles all the while beginning to supply it with the active GKL-02 ingredient.

Please note, 100ml size is for a 50 day application and 200ml size is for a 100 day application.

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