THYMUSKIN® Testimonials

It works, if you use it for the right condition and with other medsThis worked for my boyfriend - he had bald spots all over his head from alopecia areata. After a few months of using this product as well as the shampoo and conditioner, all his hair grew back. It's hard to say if this is the reason why it grew back (he was also applying a cream), but it seemed that using this product was the turning point for his condition.

It will not work for everyone, as it will likely only help for alopecia areata involving a lack of thymus hormone. Studies on alopecia areata show about 3/4 of people with the condition have a low thymus hormone level. However, alopecia areata is complicated and that's often not the only reason the hair falls out - so the only way to know if it works is to try it. Expect to have to purchase it twice, as it needs to be continued for a few months. Ultimately the course of treatment will run you about $500-600 as of this review, since you really should buy all 3 twice: serum, shampoo, conditioner. Not that much considering the alternative is losing your hair in unsightly patches.

But most doctors recommend using multiple treatments. You should also visit a dermatologist and get prescription medication/injections/cream depending on what they recommend. I would imagine the chance of success by using this alone is not as good, since low thymus hormone is not the only reason the hair falls out. (Thymuskin Forte)

- Cory M. Waxman

Have been using it for almost 2 years now. No prescription necessary, no side effects and (for me) has gotten the job done (my hair was thinning all over and now it looks perfectly normal, full and healthy, like I never turned 30!). Seems expensive until you consider the cost of the prescription and surgical alternatives. (Thymuskin Forte)

- A. DiMarzio

Quality product, great price and delivered as promised. (Thymuskin Forte)

- Esckan214

Works for my hair.

- IY

My bald spot grew backI had this hugh bald spot behind my head and i tried everything from pills to creams. I read about Thymuskin and I decided to try it. Although there was no reviews on this product, I did not care. I was balding and I wanted my hair back. The bald spot started out small, but grew very large. I went to see a dermatologist, she took one look at me didn't even look at my head and said it was because of weaves and braids and that I should stop doing these things to my hair, although I don't wear weaves or braids, never had (I'm african american by the way ).I always had very long thick afro texture hair. Anyway, I bought the product Thymuskin and have used it for six weeks my hair has grown back in the spot where there was no hair! I am very happy with this product, very expensive but worth it. The product has a mild scent, nothing offensive. I would recomend it to any one who feels like there have no where to turn. (Thymuskin Forte)

- Anonymous

This works for many types of hair loss. In fact on the main site there are studies that were done. It was originally made for people who had gone through chemo. It works for 95% of women 65% of men. I have used this and it worked for me. The first time was after surgery and my hair was falling out by the handful, noticed a difference after a month, baby hairs all over my scalp.

The second time was after chemo, I did not think it would work during so waited. I used it and again noticed a difference after a month. I have now been using for 5 months and my hair is growing very fast and for some reason coming in curly.

I am really happy with this product and will continue to use.

Update 12/17/14 I had an operation so am once again losing my hair. I found out I was using way too much of the gel on my scalp; I was told the 100 ml should last two months and the 200 ml should last me 3 to 4 months. I am so happy to have hair again. I apply it every night so that it can stay on my scalp up to 12 hours. I think that is why I notice a difference after a month. It stops the hair from shedding so badly and it also regrows my hair.

I highly recommend.

Update 9/17 I am still using. I don't have to use much anymore so one bottle lasts over 6 months. I'm using on eyebrows now. What a difference and it's helping eyelashes! (Thymuskin Forte)

- Dee

I've done some research on Thymuskin and it appears that it's main ingredient (an extract made from the thymus gland of a calf) works by blocking the effects of testosterone on hair follicles. It is noted that upon initial use some hair will be lost as the follicles grow new, more robust hair. Apparently the hair that does fall out initially should be weak, fine hair anyway. I am not bald but rather want to keep what I have and this - combined with Rogaine - does the trick. Is it worth it? I think so. (Thymuskin Forte)

- IslandRacer

Excellent Great Product I will recommended to my friends I will purchase it again. This product has everything I expected and more. (Thymuskin Forte)

- Yesenia Huerta

This is a good product. If you are looking for it to grow hair I didn't find that to be the case. But as a good product for thinning hair it works for me. It makes my hair feel fuller with good texture. I use it along with the Treatment. I must warn you the two together are very pricey especially if you wash your hair every day. I find I can go two days... (Thymuskin Classic)

- Joanne Jadul

I have been using it for a while and it seems to work good I don't think you'll grow hair but i think stops from falling further or at least slows it down but its very expensive shampoo that is the down side (Thymuskin Classic)

- Alibaba

If you have male pattern baldness, this product will help you to re-grow your hair. I have made up my own way to use this. I shampoo with a different brand (cheap shampoo) then rinse it out and apply about 1/4 teaspoon full of the Thymuskin to my scalp (I have short hair-use more if you hair is longer) and I leave it on for ten minutes! I do this about every other day. You will know it is working when your scalp begins to peel. Dead layers of skin will begin to scale and peel off. New healthy skin will be brought up; you will begin to notice very fine new hairs coming in after a few weeks. I must say that this is not all I use, but of all the things I use I know this is one of the effective therapies. I do not use minoxidill at all. My friends are starting to notice. P.S. I do not work for the company and do not receive any financial gain by saying this. It's just nice to help people

- E. Siegal

I'm not balding but decided to use your Med shampoo and my hair feels a lot stronger and thicker... definitely recommend. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation and advice. Both GP and dermatologist did not advise as well as you did...

- Ian G.

Now, after a total of 18 months of application Thymuskin products I want to give a current status again today. I am still very happy with the results. In the last couple of month it has indeed not changed very much compared to my last mail. But compared to the status of 18 months ago, significant improvements can be seen. I shave my head not any longer on a daily basis but only every 3 days. I was even asked by friends if my hair has grown back. On the top of the head and on the sides of the hair grow almost back to "normal" density. ...

- Stefan C.

A few months ago I noticed that I unfortunately began to lose more hair! It was increasing – and I have to tell you that I could not imagine how awful hair loss can be! It got so bad that sometimes the scalp was visible! Now I have used about 1/2 bottle of the highly efficient Thymuskin Med shampoo and during my last visit at the hairdresser, she told me that many new short, so-called support hairs are visible on my head. I have noticed how much hair I lose when washing and I have to admit that there were very, very, few now. It is nothing compared to what I had in my hands a few weeks ago – and also I notice significant differences in my hair style quality!

- Natalie T-I.

I started using the Gold (FORTE) treatment on March 1st, and am still using it. I will soon be finished my 2nd bottle, and will have completed 6 month of treatment on Sept. 1st. My hair has improved enormously and I'm really happy with it...

- Noemi H.

Losing ones hair is very traumatic. ...Thymuskin works for me. I used it in 2004 after I had an operation and lost my hair. Then I had to go through chemo in 2008, lost quite a bit of hair. ...I then went through chemo again in 2011/2012, I lost 80% of my hair from the sides and back. I was very depressed. ...Recently I started losing my hair again, not sure the reason. I have been back on Thymuskin and have decided to add it to my budget and use it for the rest of my life. I wanted to let you know what a great representative you have in Joe. Thank you for this wonderful product.

- Eveline F.

I used it for my mom who had alopecia a few years ago with excellent results! She has such thick beautiful hair again. Now I'm using it for myself as my hairs thinning on my crown and my hairline is receeding and I'm getting married... Excellent research and product guys!

- Kevin C.

Due to stress and menopause I had severe hair loss (more than 100 hairs a day). Many "hair-hormone products, which had been recommended by the dermatologist did not show the desired hair growth! It was mostly associated with unwanted side effects and with increased hair growth on the face (fluffing) or only a slight effect regarding hair loss until I started to use "GKL Thymuskin"!

Since 3 months I use 2 x shampoo and 3-4x a week Thymuskin Classic Treatment. My hair texture was much stronger after about 4 weeks, the hair loss is decreased significantly and, according to the dermatologist every hair follicle is covered with new hair roots! My hair looks fuller and healthier!

- Christina O.

(Hair loss after surgery) Only after using your shampoo and conditioner my scalp felt well and relaxed, my hair grew back again. Thank you.

- Johann R.

...I can still say for myself that my hair has become stronger. I also find it's growing faster. Looks more healthy and I'm going on to use the products, on my genetic predisposition I want to counteract. If I have more hair than before? I'd say yes.

- Anke L.

...However my hairloss as well as the structure of the hair improved strongly, this confirms even my haircutter J

- Johanna N.

hi. i get it today and I used this shampoo ,God can do better than that , this shampoo amazing thank you so much!!!!

- Kris F.

...During my menopause my scalp started to itch a lot all over my head and I was loosing my hair. I have been using Thymuskin Gold Hair Treatment for 14 weeks. The itching has gone down a lot and I loose less hair now....

- Linda C.

... What really makes me happy: The therapy, if it was not an independently occurred spontaneous remission, successful Since ca. 3 month hair is growing on the small plain spots of my son's scalp....

- Charlotte G.

... I am very satsfied. Hairloss is stopped I think. Scalp condition is ok....

- Gerald H.

I wish I had known about your hair growth products sooner. Six months ago my hair was coarse, dry and brittle. I also suffer from "patchy" hair loss. Not only have I seen excellent results in only a few months, but I have also regained my self confidence. I would encourage any one that is suffering from alopecia or "patchy" hair loss to start as soon as possible with Thymuskin. There are many advantages to consider: it works, it's all natural and there are absolutely no side effects.

- Holloway

I have a strong family history for hair loss. My father and even my mother both had very thin and sparse hair all of their adult lives. I am 22 years old and started losing my hair about 3 years ago. I don't want to lose my hair at such a young age like my parents. It is hard enough to get a date now let alone if I were bald. My father found your products on the net and ordered a Super Kit for me. I am using it and it is working really well. I am not losing any more hair and I even see hair growing back in the thinnest areas of my scalp. I'm relieved that we found your Thymuskin products. I am certain that Thymuskin was a good choice for me. I will email you in 6 months to update you on my progress

- Wyatt

Thank you for creating such an incredible product. It really does work! My hair was thinning on top in a hereditary balding pattern for five years before using your amazing line-up of Thymuskin lotions, gels and shampoo... Now, after 6 months of using only 3 products, my hair is much thicker and fuller than before. My receding hairline has been replaced with new baby fine hair. My stylist is very impressed with the results I'm getting and has never seen anything like it. Thanks again for selling a product that really does live up to its claims!!!

- Kim

Since I started using Thymusking's products, my hair has stopped falling out excessively. It has become stronger and doesn't break off. My scalp doesn't flake or itch like it did before I started these treatments. Everything has completely changed for the better. My hair is even growing back in places where I thought it was gone for good. I'm very happy with the results. No more hats, wigs or scalp cover-ups for me. I am happy to recommend the Thymuskin natural approach to hair restoration.

- Isabel

I want to let everyone know who feels skeptical about trying this product out before Chemotherapy...Try ThymuSkin, you won't regret it! I was told to expect hair loss from my Chemo but I kept 95% of my hair thanks to this treatment. I have finished my entire course of cancer fighting agents and still have my hair! When searching the internet I came across your products. After doing more research, I felt convinced to try it. And let me tell you that I color my hair and I can also tell you that it is not bothered at all by the coloring.

- Elizabeth

I am a 38 year old man. I first experienced hair loss in my mid 20's. I had a noticeably thinning area on the top of my crown. I also was receding around the temples and frontal hair line. I first tried Rogaine and P. faithfully for 2 years but it did not help at all. Actually, my hair continued to fall during this period. It was very frustrating for me to see my hair loss get worse instead of better. Then, I switched gears. I started using ThymuSkin. The results, after almost a year, have been astonishing. I now have almost a full head of hair and normal hair fall-out from day to day. Plus, there were no negative side effects, exactly as your products promised.

- Doug

Thymuskin has been a miracle for me. I will never use any other hair loss product. I started using it about 6 months ago, and it is simply amazing. I always had fine, dry hair and I accepted that. But, it was awful to see my falling locks clog my drain every time I would shampoo. Too much hair on my pillow case and in the brush no matter what I did or tried. Then, I saw your products in a magazine article back in September. After just a few weeks of therapy with Thymuskin, I stopped shedding whenever I shampoo, style or brush my hair. Then, new hair that looked like peach fuzz, started to appear in the 4th month. Itchy scalp and dandruff are also no longer a part of my life!!! These products are truly remarkable.

- Lynn

I am unable to endorse or recommend your products on a professional level since they are considered an alternative medicine (albeit made of natural substances). However, I wish to share my personal experience with you. Our son developed Alopecia Areata. After conducting much research on what non-traditional remedies were available, my wife and I chose Thymuskin. It seemed to be the most suitable course of treatment for this disease since we did not wish to administer steroids. My wife ordered on-line and we began treatment about 3 months ago. As of today, he is growing new hair in every bald patch on his head. We plan to continue daily use as per your instructions. Thanks for offering Thymuskin on the internet. We would have never found you otherwise!

- Thomas

Thymusking is an awesome company! I have been ordering products from them for the past eighteen months, first for my son and now for myself. The customer service is the best I have ever experienced. No question goes unanswered. They don't try and rush the conversation. They also recommend the best product for your situation, not necessarily the most expensive product. The products have been miraculous. My college-age son had alopecia universalis. We had pretty much given up hope when his hair had not grown back after 3 years/ After researching sll options, he tried the Thymusking products. He has grown back about 85 percent of his hair at this point. He continues to use the product while his eyelashes and eyebrows grow back. I have been using the products for thinning hair for only several months. I am just starting to see some progress in the past week. Thank you so much for helping us!! Everyone needs to know about your products

- Pamela

I am an African American female. I have struggled with Alopecia for many years. I tried all of the traditional treatments available to me during my life. Sometimes I would get good results and sometimes not. The longest I ever went without re-occurrence was about 6 years. Now, in the last 2 years my problem has gotten much worse. I was desperate and then I typed in autoimmune hair loss at Google and your site popped up. I had never heard of Thymuskin so I contacted your company by phone. Once it was explained to me that there were no negative side effects, I decided to order the kit of Shampoo, Lotion and Gel. I also got a free sample of the Hair Mask. I want you to know that it is now 4 months and all of my patches are filling in with new hair. The Hair Mask is great for my dry scalp and I think it is speeding up the growth process. I hope you will publish my email so that other victims of Alopecia will read it. These products are incredible. Thanks

- Tina

I am very pleased to report that after being on Thymuskin for 2 solid months of treat-ment, I am seeing dramatic improvements. I have new hair growing all around my hair- line as well as thin growth throughout my problem areas. I am ready to re-order the shampoo and treatment. I still have a half bottle of gel left. Since I have dry color treated hair I think the yellow or gold shampoo will be a better choice for me. Also, I am looking for the most economical way to purchase these 2 products. I have been taking the Advecia vitamins (my nails look great!). Is it possible to get another free bottle of the capsules with my order? I will wait to hear from you. By the way, thanks for offering hair loss products that really do work!

- Ophelia

I want to thank you so much for this product. I have had Discoid Lupus for over 20 years and six years ago my hair began falling out. The doctors did every test that they could think of and finally just told me that they think this is just part of the disease process for me. I began my hair loss with breaking of hair, all my hair became short with most thinning around my scalp line. Then I was left with this baby hair, no body very fine, one-inch hair. I have used Rogaine (5%) with some success. At the same time my hair lost it's color. Since using your product for six months, my hair is regaining it´s color but most importantly, I have my body and curl back! This is a miracle after six years of hair loss. I will continue to use your product and wish I had known of it earlier. I was even considering just giving up and getting a wig. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Jayme

All I can say is WOW. I am a high school student who had Alopecia Areata that was progressing to Alopecia Totalis. I have been using your products for 8 months and all of my hair is back. I can't believe how effective Thymuskin is. You must get the word out to other people like me. Tell them to try your products. They really do work.

- Michael

This product is amazing! I have had Alopecia Areata for more than 10 years and just discovered a new spot last night. I have not had one in more than 5 years. It was very disturbing, but also very comforting to know that I could get on-line and get this sent out to me so quickly. Thymuskin has brought back all my hair in the past. I am confident that it will work once again. Thank you!!!

- Aditi

Hi. Looking forward to receiving my next shampoo, revitalizer and gel kit since I've enjoyed such great success using your products. My only problem is keeping them "on the shelf." Since I am now a full time student (mid-life crisis) and not always able to afford them! But I must admit that Thymuskin is the only product that has shown true and significant results for me. I have a feeling that the MED formula may be even more effective as my scalp is on the dry side. I am confident that my female hair loss will soon be a thing of the past thanks to your products.

- Wanda

Our 4-year-old daughter has Alopecia Areata. We ordered Thymuskin less than 6 weeks ago. My husband was very skeptical since other remedies like Thymusil did not work. He really did not want me to place the order, but I felt so desperate that I ordered one of your starter kits anyway. New hair is already beginning to emerge in the bald spots and it has not even been 4 weeks since we started treatment. Now my husband is sorry he was so doubtful. Your products really do work! I would recommend Thymuskin to other victims of Alopecia Areata if I ever have the opportunity.

- Lauren

I was a victim of Alopecia Universalis. Then I learned that Thymuskin could reverse this particular disease. After learning that your products are all natural and safe to use, I placed an order (and then another one 4 months later). I must admit that it took a long time to work. But, after almost a year of treatment with the shampoo, lotion and gel my hair is coming back. I am convinced that the way Thymuskin boosts the immune system is the reason for its effectiveness against the Alopecia kinds of hair loss.

- Connor

Hi! I received the products the day after I placed my order so I was really impressed with your free Fedex shipping. But, more importantly, Thymuskin is actually working wonders for me. I really could not believe how fast I started to see results. Telogen Effluvium took over about 3 months after the birth of my baby. I thought I was going to be completely bald within a few short weeks. Well not only is my hair loss reduced to less than half of what it was, but there's new growth everywhere and I've only been using Thymuskin for about 3 weeks! I'm finally enjoying my baby without the fear and paranoia of losing all my hair during this exciting stage of my life. What a relief...

- Iris

I acquired Alopecia Areata that eventually progressed to Alopecia Totalis some time ago. Then my husband found Thymu-skin on the internet and book-marked it for me. I learned that Thymu-skin might possibly help me to grow my hair back so I ordered one of your kits. It took 6 or 7 months before I saw any signs of new growth. Now, after a full 10 to 12 months of dedicated use, my hair is growing in like normal hair again. I am overjoyed with these results and I'm glad that I did not give up as I almost did. Since the hair is still too short, I'll continue to use Thymu-skin for a few more months and then I'll stop using it as we discussed. This weekend I am re-hanging all mirrors in my home.

- Emily

Your products are amazing. In just 3 weeks, our 3-year-old daughter is already showing signs of improvement. Her hair has stopped falling and we see signs of new growth in some areas of her alopecia areata patches. We are only using the Thymuskin Gel but we also got a free trial size shampoo with our order (thanks!) We're ordering the shampoo now as we are stunned by the results so far.

- Vanessa

I am a 30 something female who has experienced thinning hair for the last few years. I have tried other hair loss products out there but none of them worked. Then a friend of mine told me about Thymuskin. I found your shop on the Internet and called you after doing some online research. I wound up ordering a 4-month supply of Shampoo, Treatment & Gel. I also received the free Advecia hair vitamins with this kit. It has now been about 8 to 10 weeks since I started. I have just this minute returned from my hair stylist and I feel like I have hit the lottery. This morning she confirmed that there are many new hairs starting to grow all over my head. I thought I saw them in my bathroom mirror too, but I really wanted someone else to notice without asking. As an unexpected bonus, the health, texture & condition of my hair have greatly improved too. All of this in less than 3 months. I am very excited and just had to share my results with you. I think I will try the green creme rinse with the avocado that you recommended for conditioning my new hair once it really fills in.

- Sherri

Hello Joseph! I just wanted to let you know that in the third month of using your Thymuskin products I noticed a big difference. I've always had thin hair but lots of it. Then in March we lost our Dad and 6 months later we lost our Mom. That's when my hair started to fall out big time. Then to make our grieving even worse, we lost our Brother the day after my birthday. So I guess my nerves were shot. Thank goodness I found your website. I can't believe how fast these products are working for me. I've lost no more hair since I've started using them and I'm astonished at all of the hair that is coming back. Thymuskin is really amazing. Thanks so very much!!!!

- Alicia

I am writing to let you know that my wife recently underwent chemotherapy. She started using Thymuskin Shampoo, Treatment and Gel two weeks prior to receiving her first round of chemotherapy agents. It has now been 4 months since her last chemo treatment ended. Not only did her hair remain, but it also has never looked better. Keeping her appearance and confidence in check were major battles won, as she was more concerned about losing her hair than the course of chemotherapy itself. Your products saved her beautiful hair and therefore lots of stress during this unwelcome period of time. We are grateful to you and to this exceptional product line.

- Jonathan

Our teenage son was a victim of Alopecia Areata. Dermatologist's scalp injections did not work for him. Other "miracle" cures were also not successful. Then we found your Thymuskin products on the internet. Your company recommended ThymuSkin Gel to be applied to the Areata patches once or twice per day. Fast forward, 50 days later... We're impressed! Our son's Areata patches have all filled in with brand new hair. His teenage confidence is back up to 100%. And the baseball caps are no longer needed day and night. Thank you, Thymusking, for a great product that really does work against this awful disease.

- Oscar

I am 22 years old and have been experiencing hair loss for 9 months now. I am currently using Thymuskin and Advecia to combat my hair loss with some pretty good results. I started using those 3 months ago. My hair loss seems to have stopped and my hair looks a little thicker too.

- Ryan

Thank you for your excellent service. Your prices were the best and your service was outstanding. I am very impressed with how quickly I received the Thymuskin that I ordered. You should teach other internet merchants how it's done. I am a very satisfied customer and I will return to you when I need more Thymuskin products. Thanks

- Brad

I just wanted you to know that in the 3rd month of using these Thymuskin products I already see a difference. I am amazed at how well it is working for me. I have lost very few hairs since I've started using it and I can't believe all the hair that is coming back! This stuff works. Thanks so very much!!!

- Debbie

My order arrived today in great shape and FAST! I want to tell you that Thymuskin has really helped my thinning hair problem. Within 2 weeks the rate of loss was noticeably reduced, and at four weeks I could see new "sprouts" on the spots that were so thin. I plan to continue using it for a year or so before I consider a hair transplant on the top/front of my head. If things keep improving, I may not have to do anything else! I am a satisfied customer.

- JoAnn

I have about 75% of my hair back now. Thymuskin was not fast for me, in fact it was slow, but it DOES work. I wouldn't give it up yet that's for sure. I don't have any doubts at all that I wouldn't have this progress without it. I have several years of no successes with many other hair loss products out there. I have finally found one that works for me! Nice doing business with you. I will send a new order soon.

- Karen

I have been using your Thymuskin products for about 5 months now. I was skeptical at first because so many other hair loss products did not work for me. However, I am just starting to see new hair growing on my head for the first time since using your products. The hair is baby fine just as you predicted. I am hoping that continuous use as you suggested will help these new hairs to mature and thicken. Also, I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. Although I called you many times, you were always kind, courteous and helpful. Thank you very much for giving me new hope (and positive results) for my hair loss.

- David

The order arrived today and I think I'll be happy with the shampoo change you recommended. The yellow shampoo smells surprisingly good! Also, you were RIGHT!!! But not only did you already send the order before e-mailing me of the change, I actually received the order before I read your notice! Talk about service!!! It is funny for me to think back to the first order I placed with you. The package arrived before the tracking number could confirm its location. I've since learned not to bother wasting my time checking. You are a first class businessman and run a top of the line business. Thank you for the attention you give to EVERY detail of satisfying your customers.

- Barbara

I just wanted to write and thank you for doing great business with a great product. There are so many companies out there out to make a dollar without the product to back it up. I want your company to know that Thymuskin has changed my life. Just when I thought my hair would never be the thick and glorious hair it used to be, I have found it again! I lost a lot of my hair due to an oral contraceptive. What a blow I took realizing that indeed I was losing my hair. My hair is regaining the health and density that I once had after just 60 days of use! Thanks for giving me hope for the future.

- Heather

Hi Thymusking. I've been purchasing Thymuskin from you for about 3 months now and I am starting to see excellent results. I am hooked on these effective products! Nothing worked for me until now. Thanks for your excellent customer service and support as always!! I will place a new order soon. Next time I will try the Gel too.

- Adam

Hi Joe. I received the products I ordered from you in just 2 days. I am more than satisfied with the service I received from you. Great prices and lightning fast (free) shipping. I am just starting to see very fine new hair growth after 6 months of use. I will definitely buy from you again. Thanks!

- Mike