UniFiber® - Fiber Supplement

UniFiber® - Fiber Supplement

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UniFiber®, unlike most fiber supplements, is insoluble (like the fiber found in nuts and whole grains). Insoluble fiber does not require water to do its job, so it does not cause the gas or bloating associated with many other fiber supplements. In addition, since UniFiber is an ultra-fine, grit-free, tasteless powder, it can be added to your favorite recipe without changing the flavor.


UniFiber adds bulk to your stool which helps food pass more quickly through the stomach and intestines, helping to prevent and relieve occasional constipation.

UniFiber is safe for everyone in your family including children and pregnant women. (For children under 6 years, ask your doctor or pharmacist.) For years it has been a popular choice for those on restrictive diets and renal patients.

  • Promotes regularity and helps prevent and relieve occasional constipation*
  • Helps maintain colon health after a cleansing program*
  • Contains no gluten, sodium, potassium or phosphorus
  • Tasteless – cooks into your favorite recipes
  • Does not alter effectiveness of vitamins or medications

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